Florence © Rez said real never gave up on Fiorentina. © Real Madrid president Leitz has pledged that his club will "never give up" and will "strive for the championship" © CIMA "the European Cup, just like the basketball team winning the Continental Cup, is an amazing victory." in the honor box of San Diego, in his speech © U. Real Madrid app from Microsoft, Florence © Rez display offIt's on you © Enzico, Carlo Ancelotti, the club has yet to reveal his future. the president of Madrid saluted Ancelotti before taking a photo with everyone in the honor box and shook hands with the Italian coach again, "Neither Real Madrid nor the Madrid people will give up. The whole team will try again and we will try to win © Just like e just didThe basketball team won an impressive victory. "We continue to work hard to build the best Real Madrid in the future, which all of our fans deserve," he said in his speech. the app brings a new breakthrough, which is the exclusive preview of the documentary of the day © The top European Cup was recorded in the team's spotlight, where they showed the opening remarks, photos in the dressing room and talks with Fiorentina © It borders on the portdeformed © Cristiano Ronaldo assured Ancelotti on the eve of the game that he would win the second European Cup or celebrate on the bus when he announced that he was Ancelotti's player Champion: "bow, Carlito bow." Florentino P © Rez stressed the importance of Real Madrid's leading position in technical progress We have entered a new digital age, and together with Microsoft, we have made it possible to travel thousands of kilometers.Many fans in Madrid © One click. "We owe our followers, and that's why there's this new way of connecting the world's madridianism today," he stressed. starting with the app, any real Madrid fan can become a TV producer and watch the game from anywhere in the virtual stadium after the game. " The app allows us to reach out to Madrid people on all continents, all of whom have entered a political arena."Or virtual Club life, experience and exclusive content," he explained. the club's top representative recalled that this week was "the first anniversary of the day." © Sima said, "on May 24, the best way to celebrate is the premiere of his documentary one hour and ten minutes. " this is a game of the year that the Madrid people will never forget. As a gift, in this app, we will premiere "heart of today" © We can review itOnly picture dating. You can feel the life of the players from the bottom of your heart, you know © Cnicos and the people around the first team, "he said. before presenting the new application to Real Madrid players © Vice President Orlando Ayala speaks © "Today (Tuesday) the two entities come together with a passion for innovation, a fusion of shared values and hallucinations.yes. With the launch of this app, we have opened a technology window with the leadership of Real Madrid, allowing fans from all over the world to connect with the club. Now the capacity of the stadium is unlimited. Today (Tuesday) we launched a global passion, "he assured, stressing that the app would be available in Spanish and English © Soon in France © S. Rabe, Indonesia, Japan © S and China.

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