#The veto on the console is coming to an end © Rez revertecartel voxcoronavirus Espa á scopo hoycoronavirus Valencia Nacional Sevilla Madrid please follow my profile on my account. Subscription is interested in press releases and alerts And warningsHere are my file links and event contacts Madrid. Madrid. Since 2000, China has banned the use of video game consoles because of the need to protect the welfare of young people. some analysts have warned against Reading Sony's new certificate too implicitly, noting that the organization that granted the certificate has no regulatory authorityYeah. The executive partner of Niko partners, a consulting firm, said that the Ministry of culture has regulatory power over the game console industry and is the only organization that can lift the ban, Lisa Cosmas Hansen. the website of China Quality Certification Center was approved in July this year, which shows two models of Playstation 3, namely computer entertainment system. All products must pass safety standardsSony confirmed that it had been certified, but remained silent on whether it heralded Playstation's imminent entry into the world's second-largest economy or whether the company needed a new certification. That doesn't mean we've officially decided to enter the Chinese market, Sony spokesman Mai Hora on the cards. A representative from China's Ministry of culture could not be reached for comment. But also © There is a precedent for the Chinese authorities to take a more and more tough attitude towards game machines. this year, Lenovo Group launched the eedoo ct510, A motion detection device that conceptually plays games similar to the Kinect extension of Microsoft's Xbox game consoleIO and entertainment machines. although video game machines are banned in China, online and mobile games are deeply rooted. Piers Hardin, a senior game analyst at IHS screen digest in London, said that this limits the bullish potential of Sony and other game mechanism manufacturers such as competitors Microsoft Corp. and Nintendo Co.. Obviously, they have huge stocks, but Chinese competitors have different consumer groups.Volume G. Game mechanism manufacturer © Harding Rawls said they had to find a way to ensure that piracy did not reduce their revenue from game software and other content.

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