Apple has surpassed its competitors and achieved a market value of US $1 billion. the technology giant Apple has achieved a market value of US $1 billion and become the first US company to achieve this goal, surpassing its competitor Amazon in this milestone competition, Alphabet and Microsoft. the shares of the company co founded by Steve Jobs in 1976 went public on Thursday at $207.05, and then injected a new round into the company's assets.The United States is the most valuable company in the market, despite ups and downs. Apple sold more than 41 million units in the last quarter © IPhone phones was on the verge of bankruptcy 20 years ago because of Microsoft's dominant market position, and lost the visionary Steve Jobs seven years ago. through its innovation, apple expanded its product portfolio from Macintosh to today's well-known devices such as iPhone and iPadAnd? MAC, or services, an increasingly profitable market segment, such as apple music or apple payments. under the leadership of its CEO Tim Cook, Apple has shown strong business performance in the past few quarters, such as the results announced at the close of the Wall Street stock market on Tuesday, making the company lose nearly 6% on the stock market last Wednesday © Today, they gave him the motivation to be crowned. the chef is also considered to be the winner © Transfer part of production to ChinaIn? addition, he also focuses on a quarter of the bill. Recently, he worried about the impact of the escalating trade tensions between Beijing and Washington, and the two countries have exchanged tariffs. but so far, Apple's market value grew 23% and its net profit was $45.406 billion. The average price of iPhone continued to rise in the past three months as its latest model x celebrated the day © CISGU.S. analysts welcomed the financial statement data from April to June, when Apple's revenue was $53.265 billion, partly due to sales of iPhones, apple services and wearable products. © A few days ago, when Amazon, the e-commerce giant, announced its results, many investors bet on a company led by the world's richest man, Jeff Bezos, called L.Still, Amazon is second at $876.55 billion in market value, and now it's a little further away. The third is alphabet, the parent company of Google, with us $853.23 billion, and the fourth is Microsoft, with us $815.91 billion. Apple's current value is almost as high as the sum of the four major U.S. banking groups: JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells FargoO and Citigroup; Despite its landmark achievements today, apple is not the first company in the world to achieve $1 billion in the market: in 2007, PetroChina?, China's state-owned oil company, has done this for a short time on the Shanghai exchange. < / BR > Apple's title continued to rise on the New York exchange, although it peaked at $208.38.By the end of the transaction, oy was close to $207.39 (2.92%).

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