Apple's market value exceeds Microsoft's. In 2012. Computer and digital device maker apple is today the biggest company in history by market value, surpassing © Restrictions imposed by Microsoft, the computer program maker. with Apple's stock up 2.25% today, the company's capital reached $623 billion, exceeding Microsoft's market value.Osoft reached $618.9 billion in 1999. © The iPhone, as well as rumors of a smaller iPad digital screen. since last year, Apple has been the most valuable company in the United States. Although it is still below the historical value of Microsoft, it has surpassed MicrosoftAt? present, the equity capital of Ando oil company ExxonMobil? is 53% lower than that of technology company. co founded by Steve Jobs in 1976, he left the personality and direction for ExxonMobil?, Apple is also expected to become the world's largest technology company by the end of the year © In one of the most profitable places.

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