Well yes but I will recommend you to set up a ficnanial statement, look your expenses,cut those one s than are excellent for nothing, then go to your bank leave your saving account and question for a loan,most be less than the money you have in your savings, but you are not going to get it back until this amount is paid off,this Will break down you to save money, remember there are many companies than are looking for your money, it's your money ! and you need it Now!
The gray area is entered as soon as QuotesChimp fill out and sign an application for insurance and the agent accepts it. In the appli?cation, you will supply basic facts to the insurance company, such as your name, address, age, and gender. Information per?tinent to the kind of insurance you desire and the extent of the risk you present to the insurance company will also be solicited in the application. For example, you will have to disclose your medical history in an application for health or life insurance. The value of your car and the existence of extras, such as a car phone, will be pertinent to an automobile policy. When an insurance application is taken over the phone, the same principles apply.

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