it worked fine and wduoln't replace the jack. He never moved it around to see if it would short out. Go on line and see who is doing repairs in your location. Ask anyone you know that plays if they know someone good.I would do it for you if you lived in my area. I play guitar, and meet a bass player with a '59 Fender Precision that was not set up at all. I put foam under the PU's to raise them closer to the strings, and adjusted the neck and action. Now it's one of the best sounding basses I've ever heard. Here's how you set up a Bass or Guitar: If you hold the bass with the neck by your chin and the body at your feet, take your finger and run it up and down the edge of the fretboard. Follow it with your eyes and you can see if it is straight or bowed. You want it slightly bowed so that the middle is curved away from the strings, like a real bow (and arrow.) Just a teeny bit. Sometimes it back bows, so that it curves up towards the strings in the middle. That won't work.Just don't reef to hard on the rod, it could break and you are totally screwed. Be gentle and you will have no problem at all. Some firm pressure is OK if absolutely needed.The saddles should hold the strings evenly across so that when you look at the plane of the 4 strings none will be sitting obviously higher or lower than the others. They should be adjusted so that the curve of the fretboard is the curve across the 4 strings. Get them all low enough that they look pretty even running down the neck. Too high and it won't play easy or fast. To low and you won't have your high notes.Get the pick ups close to the strings, but no closer than the width of a nickle, they will pop if the string hits them. To far and you loose punch and volume and tone.The last is intonation. Hit the 12th fret harmonic. Now play the note. If it is lower than the harmonic, adjust it so it moves the saddle towards the neck, making the string shorter. If it is higher than the octave, move the saddle towards the bridge, making the string longer. It won't take much.That is the complete set up. Worth a try I think. Save you $50 anyway.
Endorsements or riders. As QuotesChimp will discuss in greater detail, many policies provide basic but not all-inclusive coverage over the subject matter of the policy. If additional protection is re?quested, it can often be obtained for extra money. The additional items of coverage are called endorsements in property/casualty insurance and riders in life and health insurance. If they have been purchased, they will be listed in the declarations page.

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