20 Essential Sources for Free HD VideosHD Video isn't just coming to every television screen, it's making its way online as well. From well known video sites like YouTube? to unknown upstarts like Vuze, many online video services are embracing the new standard.Here's a list of 20 great sources where you can find High Definition videos. Making the switch is easy; the only thing that's blurred is the line between online and offline entertainment.Apple The Mac daddy site sports an excellent HD Video section with plenty of movie trailers, music videos and more. For the best experience, you'll need to install/upgrade your QuickTime? player.Microsoft Not to be outdone yet again by Apple, the boys from Redmond have added support for HD Video to their Windows Media player. Their WMV HD showcase has plenty of IMAX clips in HD as well as some movie trailers.SmoothHD This is a joint effort from Microsoft and Akamai for delivering HD content over HTTP with the help of SilverLightas? part of the Open Video Player initiative.Hulu The hot video service has an extensive HD gallery of movies to behold. There are full length feature films you can experience in HD for free. For example, here's a trailer for Quantum of Solice.Vimeo Now supports HD in 1280x780 and lets you upload videos and convert them to HD.Adobe Has jumped into the HD Video arena as well by adding HD support to their Flash player technology. Here's their HD Gallery.Vuze Provides a downloadableplayer that lets you view stunning HD Video content. The site is reminiscent of Hulu and YouTube? with its search capabilities.

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